• JMFA: How about some post-election peace of mind?
    By Ron Jennings, John M. Floyd & Associates, Executive Vice President Now that the mid-term election is behind us, consumers await the outcome of promises made by both sides of the political spectrum regarding the economy, healthcare and other big picture issues that impact their quality of life and financial stability. According to a 2018 Bankrate […]
  • Forget Black Friday … Here’s where you’ll find the real savings
    By Kelly Flynn, national sales director, John M. Floyd & Associates (JMFA) From Thanksgiving Day through Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2017, more than 174 million Americans shopped in stores and online, spending an average of $335 per person. They saved maybe $50 here or $100 there. And that’s great for families buying gifts for the holidays. But […]
  • LEVERAGE partners with Diamond for electronic and print document delivery solutions
    To help credit unions maximize the value of their critical communications, LEVERAGE, in partnership with Diamond Communication Solutions and its agent, Print Resources, Inc., has created an array of products and services that can be combined and customized to meet your specific needs. Using our electronic statement or print and mail products in conjunction with […]
  • JMFA: Is it time for a new, better core processor?
    By Kelly Flynn, National Sales Director, John M. Floyd & Associates The days of floppy disks, dial-up modems and VHS tapes have come and gone, and we’ve moved on to ever-more advanced technology. Yet many community banks and credit unions still cling to their outdated core processing software. What gives? Due to a number of […]
  • How data preparedness can prevent a credit union ghost town
    By Jason Veenker, Solution Specialist for AdvantEdge Analytics. History is filled with examples of failures to look beyond the short-term and understand the risks and rewards in the future. Take the prosperous California mining town of Bodie in the late 1880s, for example. The town skirmished with multiple catastrophic fires but planned and executed for tomorrow […]


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