• JMFA: Is it time for a new, better core processor?
    By Kelly Flynn, National Sales Director, John M. Floyd & Associates The days of floppy disks, dial-up modems and VHS tapes have come and gone, and we’ve moved on to ever-more advanced technology. Yet many community banks and credit unions still cling to their outdated core processing software. What gives? Due to a number of […]
  • How data preparedness can prevent a credit union ghost town
    By Jason Veenker, Solution Specialist for AdvantEdge Analytics. History is filled with examples of failures to look beyond the short-term and understand the risks and rewards in the future. Take the prosperous California mining town of Bodie in the late 1880s, for example. The town skirmished with multiple catastrophic fires but planned and executed for tomorrow […]
  • Business Lending Seminar for leadership
    LEVERAGE would like to invite credit union leaders to a complimentary Business Lending Seminar with our partner, MBFS. The seminar is designed to support credit union leadership with regulatory guidance on meeting the NCUA’s new regulatory environment, which has much greater freedom in business lending and increased scrutiny on risk management practices. The seminar not […]
  • JMFA: Want to Deliver Excellent Service? Offer an Excellent Service!
    Ever wonder why account holders don’t use the services you offer to help them make informed financial decisions? Maybe it’s because they don’t understand the complexities of how a program works or they become frustrated by ever-changing rules. Learn how to avoid account holder confusion and create a more satisfying service experience for everyone.   […]
  • GSTV brings credit union awareness to the pump
    The LSCU announces  a partnership with Gas Station TV and CU Solutions Group to highlight the credit union difference to consumers at the pump. Following last year’s successful campaign, we will help support the great credit union mission, increase awareness, and engage new members. See one of our videos here. We will run commercials at […]


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