CUVM was founded to provide vendor due diligence services for credit unions. Our goal is to eliminate redundant research and process management by combining proprietary software and personalized service to handle the bulk of the due diligence process.

Our system is very different than just a software solution. We actually assign a representative to work with your staff in setting up the process and communicating with the vendor. Your job is to make a final review of the documentation and other information we gather.

Ventelligence, an automated system provides solutions and tools for organizing, assessing risk, tracking, monitoring third-party agreements, and ensuring critical document retrieval. Ventelligence self-service takes it a step further by providing strategic purchasing services that employ money-saving strategies and foster a competitive environment for vendors, resulting in significant credit union cost reductions.

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“What a great solution! We are so pleased with the services of CUVM. They have helped us to significantly reduce our burden for vendor due diligence. In addition, their technology is flexible and easy to use and the cost is absolutely on target.”

~Mike Williams, CEO of Colorado Credit Union