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The threat of identity theft is real, and consumers now have a fundamental need for protection. Member Security Center adds value to your credit union by enabling you to bring innovative identity protection and fraud detection products to credit union members.

Last year marked the fourteenth consecutive year that identity theft was the top consumer complaint. In 2013 alone, 13.1 million Americans were victims of identity theft, causing them countless hours and incalculable stress straightening out their lives following an incident. Particularly hard hit were the top five states for ID theft: Florida, Georgia, California, Michigan, and Nevada.

Member Security Center coverage offers members three tiers of service: BasicGold, and Platinum.

Request more information to learn more about how the Member Security Center products will help to strengthen your relationships with your members while providing the credit union with an opportunity to generate significant non-interest income.


What options are available to the credit unions?

  • Embedded
    • Cyber Agent – $0.25
    • Cyber Agent and Wallet restoration – $0.75
  • Non-Embedded
    • Gold package – $3.95
    • Platinum package – $12.95

Can the credit union customize their own package?

No, is the short answer. We have designed the packages that we think with industry experts that are the most effective and comprehensive for the credit union and the member.

Can the credit unions white label their own website with their logo and messages?

Yes, but it will come at a cost of close to $10,000 for them, and they still will not be able to customize the offerings.

Does the member have to have an e-mail address in order to use the product?

Yes, the way the member enrolls in the embedded service is through an e-mail that will be sent to the member. If the credit union does not have an e-mail address for the member it will need to have the member provide one in order to use the service.

Who will provide the marketing material for the credit union to use to promote to the member?

LEVERAGE and CSID will provide marketing templates and guidelines to the credit union but it is up to the credit union to print and distribute any marketing material at the credit union’s cost to the members.

Can the member cancel at any time?

The embedded option will always monitor the member’s information as long as they are a member. If the member chooses to upgrade to a monthly package then yes they can cancel at any time and since it is paid monthly the member will not receive a refund for the month in which they cancel but will not be charged going forward.

Can the $500 setup fee be waived?

Yes, it can be waived by senior management on a case by case basis. The reason this is being charged is to help offset the time it takes for LEVERAGE and CSID to setup the programming for the embedded option and to ensure the files are being read correctly.

If a member does not have an e-mail address are they still receiving the monitoring service and is the credit union being charged for that member if they are in the embedded option?

Yes, the member’s name and e-mail address and any other information provided to us is being monitored but any alerts will not be sent to the credit union or the member if they are compromised. Yes, the credit union is still charged for that member because the member’s information is being monitored.

Does the credit union have to offer the embedded option to its entire membership?

No, it can offer to a select few members but those members need to be identified as a certain group to avoid discrimination against other members. They can do it several ways such as a certain type of checking account, if the member has a loan, or other defined logical way to separate the group out that does not conflict with regulations or legal practices.

If the credit union decides to embed the service to all or part of its membership approximately how many members need to upgrade to the gold or platinum package in order for the credit union to make money?

It takes approximately seven percent of those that are embedded to upgrade either a gold or platinum package in order for the credit union to cover the cost of the Cyber Tracker service and approximately 20 percent to cover the cost of the Cyber Tracker or the Lost Wallet service package.

What information is collected by LEVERAGE on the member for the embedded products?

LEVERAGE will only collect the member’s public information such as name and e-mail address. LEVERAGE will not collect DOB, social security number or any other non-public personal information. The member will have to provide that information on their own once they register for the service or upgrade to the gold or platinum packages. LEVERAGE will not be provided that information by CSID nor will they ask for it in anyway.

Does the credit union have to sign an NDA to receive CSID’s due diligence information?

Due to the nature of the business that CSID is involved in and the security that they have around the information that they gather CSID requires that an NDA be signed by the credit union in order for them to receive the CSID due diligence package. Also CSID is a private company that may go public and does not want its financials to be freely distributed prior to it going public.